Mark Robinson

Mark Robinson
Senior Jewelry Merchant
[email protected]

Mark is the Senior Jewelry Merchant for Tower Hill Advisory Services, LLC. He was the owner of a jewelry store in Boston for more than 40 years. Many banks and jewelry merchants rely on Mark’s reputation and product knowledge to analyze inventories and assist in reviewing appraisals for asset based lending.

Over the years, Mark’s jewelry expertise has been utilized in many capacities. He was the Inventory Advisor for the liquidation and reorganization of Shreve Crump & Low, and Schwarzschild Jewelry. Mark has also been the Lead Agent for several major name “Store Closing” events across the country including Alpha Omega, Christian Bernard, Fortunoff, and Bidz.

After retiring from his own store in 2005, Mark began a wholesale diamond business and worked with most of the major liquidation firms. He bought and sold excess inventories in the jewelry field from a variety of sources. Much of this product was used to augment store closing sales and other special events.