Store Evaluations

Who’s minding the store?

In today’s brutally competitive retail environment, any loss of sales can imperil the existence of an entire company. Can today’s retail operators be certain stores are clean, well-stocked, and properly staffed during all operating hours?

Tower Hill Advisory Services can be an indispensable tool to supplement limited resources and make the most of a company’s investment. Think of us as a critical extra set of eyes. We’re determined to help our retail clients excel and be prepared to compete on every level.

We’ve assembled a nationwide network of retail executives whose operational and merchandising experience represent the best the industry has to offer. Store managers, district managers, regional managers, merchandise managers, and every level up to the corporate suite.

Our store evaluations address every store level factor that can impact the bottom line: Merchandising; Product Assortment & Availability; Pricing; Promotional Activity, including clarity and impact of the promotional message to the customer; Window Statement, and/or Lease Line appeal and presentation; Staffing; Systems; Loss Prevention; and, overall store operations. We also include comparisons to local competition.

Our network of retail professionals is thorough and yes, they’re critical in their assessments. It’s never about good versus bad; it’s always about having an informed and accurate picture of the store experience in order to isolate areas for improvement.

Our independence is a key factor to our effectiveness. We’ve all seen how corporate store visits work. Stores are prepped. Personnel are ready. Nothing is as it is during normal course operations. It’s all staged for the moment. As the alternative, Tower Hill store visits are unannounced, and without warning. The picture we paint of the store experience is always unvarnished.