Collateral Monitoring

All the checks and balances every lender needs.

For Asset Based Lenders, field examinations and collateral monitoring are essential tools to assuring that borrowers have the systems in place and the assets to secure their loans. We believe there is a fine balance of quantitative and qualitative analyses critical to monitoring assets.

Tower Hill has developed an innovative product line to respond to these needs. With extensive experience in the Asset Based Lending industry, we deliver a complete suite of services, including providing combined collateral exams and valuations for inventory, machinery and equipment, and reporting systems. We also offer recommendations on key monitoring issues and recovery factors to assist in managing assets on a go-forward basis.

Tower Hill has the resources to provide collateral analysts and loan staff for credit monitoring and specialized credit projects. Collateral is a leading indicator which can provide lenders with advance knowledge of a financial covenant breach. Our collateral expertise is invaluable to lenders, allowing them to foresee negative trends prior to financials being released, and react in a timely manner.

With our approach, Tower Hill offers both financial and collateral performance metrics that provide real time visibility in collateral valuation. Our combination of collateral audits and valuations allow clients to proactively manage their assets. Moreover, Tower Hill’s ability to provide a liquidity solution, where necessary, places our firm ahead of less qualified providers who are unable to service comprehensive solutions.