Numbers tell only part of the story.

Tower Hill is recognized by lenders and businesses alike as a reliable, trusted partner for determining value across many asset classes. We bring an extensive experience set to any valuation project.

Whether for a small company or a large global corporation, Tower Hill uses the same rigorous process of determining true and accurate value for the assets included in the engagement. Lenders trust us to provide detailed and comprehensive valuations, in a timely fashion, that look beyond the analytical factors for value.

The many professionals of Tower Hill work closely with both borrowers and lenders throughout the process to form a partnership that insures every conceivable dollar of value is recognized and accounted for. Starting with a confidential one-on-one interview to determine needs, goals, and objectives, we then assemble a team to bring the most appropriate resources to bear. Our collaborative and methodical process provides a thorough examination of every possible detail to qualify and/or impact an assets’ recovery value.

As the team concludes the initial analysis and valuation, preliminary results are tested for accuracy against both analytical factors and real-world disposition results. Once complete, all data and supporting materials are compiled for publication to the client. As a final step, the valuation results and accompanying report must be reviewed and approved by a Senior Financial Analyst and one of our Managing Principals.